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Anastasia Dunets :: Stanislav Belyaevsky

Stanislav Belyaevsky

Stanislav Belyaevsky was born in Leningrad (St.Petersburg) 1973. In 1983, he was admitted to Leningrad Vaganova Academic Choreographic School (Vaganova Academy) where his young talent began to shine.

In school, Mr.Belyaevsky received 9years of intensive training with famous Ballet Master, Vladimir Semenov. Guided by Vladimir Semenov, Mr. Belyaevsky made his successful debut in the role of the Youth in 'Shopeniana', and Albert in 'Giselle'. Later, in 1988, he was chosen to dance for the Performance dedicated to the '250 years Anniversary of Vaganova Choreographic School'. In the following year, he had his first international tour representing the Vaganova Choreographic School in USA, France, Germany, Holland Iceland and Israel.

Upon his graduation in 1991, Mr.Belyaevsky was invited to join the world re-known ballet company, the Kirov theatere (the Maryinsky Theatre).

In his first season with the Kirov Ballet, he already was given to dance Albert in 'Giselle'. With his natural noble beauty and elegant manners Mr. Belyaevsky led his performance to a great success.

After his glorious debut as Albert, he was given to dance all the major classical roles which includes Prince Sigfrid, in 'Swan Lake', Prince Desire in Sleeping Beauty, Prince in 'the Nutcracker', the Youth in 'Shopiniana', Le Spectre de la rose in t he ballet with the same name, Vaslav in 'the fountain of Bakhchisaray, and Colen from 'La fill mal garde'. Later on he also danced Balanchine ballets such as the 'Crystal Palace' (Symphony in C) and also the 'Cognition' (in the music of Albinony) by Boris Eifman.

In many of the performances, he danced with many of the world famous ballet stars such as A.Asylmuratova, J.Ayupova, J.Mahalina, and U.Lopatkina.

Dancing with the Maryinsky Theatre (the Kirov Ballet) as a Principal Dancer, he tried to develop his creative potential as well. The co-operation with O.Vinogradov was an important part of his creative development. In 1994, for the primer of the new 'Cinderella' choreographed by O.Vinogradov, Mr.Belyaevsky was chosen to dance the main role with charming Janna Ayupova. Mr.Beyaevsky danced many other dances by O.Vinogradov. He also appeared in films about Kshesinskay and about ballet 'Cinderella'.

Participating in international tours with Maryinsky Theatre, he shows his brilliant and pure technique, handsome physical appearance creative experience and the most important -rich artistry- to the Western Audience. In 1997, Mr.Belyaevsky was invited to German State Opera in Berlin.

Working in Germany, he had great opportunities to work with many famous western Ballet Masters. Among them, P.Bart, a famous former French dancer who works as a Ballet Master and a Choreographer in Grand Opera in Paris, made many special parts for Mr.Belyaevsky. Also, David Saterland had presented Mr.Belyaevsky with a part of young King Henrich in his ballet, 'the History of Pygmalion and Don Huan'. He had danced many Contemporary works as well which gave him a different vision to the art of moving.

In 2000, Mr.Belyaevsky was another invitation from Jorma Uotinen, the director of Finish National Opera as a leading dancer. The theater's repertory was very attracting to Mr.Belyaevsky. Immediately after joining the Finish National Ballet, he danced Lensky in 'Onegin', Oberon in 'A midsummer night's dream' by Shperly, Albert in 'Geselle' by Guillem, Prince Desirein 'Sleeping Beauty' by Nureev, 'Violin Concerto' and 'Serenade' by Balanchine, Basil, in 'DonQ', and the Prince in 'Cinderella' by Stivenson.

In 2002, March, he was invited to dance with Universal Ballet Company from South Korea. He was invited to dance Prince Sigfrid with Universal Ballet Company. After his impressive performances of 'Swan Lake', he was once again invited to dance the World Premiere of Oleg Vinogradov's 'Romeo and Juliet' in June of 2002.

In 2002, September, he was invited to the 1st Prague International Ballet Competition as a non-competing Partner and the Contemporary Choreographer. For this international event, Stanislav created his first own choreography, 'Tango de Roxanne', which had a big success. Also, His partner Seh Yun Kim, Principal Ballerina with Universal Ballet, was awarded the include Silver Medal.

Season 2002-2003 for Stanislav Belyaevsky was his 3rd season with Finnish National Ballet. His repertory includes the 'Cinderella' by Ben Stevenson, the first-night of 'Nutcracker' by Weign Egling, the 'Giselle' by Sylvi Guillem, and the first-night of 'Raymonda' (This new choreography was created by Anna-Marie Holmes and Kevin McKenzie for the Finnish National Ballet staged in unique collaboration with the American Ballet Theatre. One year after its premiere in Finland, it was re-premiered in New York by the American Ballet Theatre).

Other than Finnish National Ballet, he appeared as a Guest Artist with the Korean National Ballet in Seoul, Korea, and the International Ballet Star's Gala in Seoul, Korea and another…

December 2002 - for creative successes Stanislav has got the prize "ProDance".

September 2003 was so interesting for Stanislav, since he performed opening night of ballet Giselle with  Ballet West in Salt Lake City, USA. Giselle was one of the first and favorite ballet in dancing life of Stanislav. He danced it in many different company and countries and his Albrecht was growing up with him. Now was one more creative work with Giselle by Jonas Kage, who added great nuances into it. It was traditional Giselle of new century.

New ballet  'Polacca'  was created in Finnish National Ballet in season 2003-2004 by Anna Laerkesen. Stanislav successfully danced main role with beautiful pas de deux and difficult man variations in harmony with music of Chopin.

After long days in ballet studios Stanislav study in professional photography. It is not easy, but it is so interesting world, which is not so far from art of the ballet.

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